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Repairs & Service
Just Imaging is a multivendor service organisation.

Whether you are a Major Hospital or a small country practice, we can help you. Just Imaging is a QLD Health supplier and regularly called upon to resolve issues for Biomedical Technical Services accross a wide variety of brands and equipment both new and old. Our expertise and experience means one point of contact and consistency.




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Whatever your equipment, we can help you stay compliant.
Recent Medicare changes and the introduction of DIAS, known as Imaging Accrediatation, requires imaging equipment to be serviced annually. Just Imaging can provide that service and report for Medicare. Don't get caught out.
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Whether you are a Major Hospital, local Radiographer, Chiropractor, Dentist or Vet, we have you covered.
So many industries rely on their imaging equipment for not only patient care but income.  Just Imaging is your 'goto' point for sales, service and repair.  We service all Metro, Country and Remote areas, Nationwide and whereever possible, service calls are combined to share travel expenses to remote locations.
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