Just Imaging Supports Care4Carers

Supporting those who do amazing work by connecting Carers with a need, to Companies with a Heart.

There are many amazing organizations that care for our unique and diverse wildlife who are desperate not only for funding, but for actually equipment to be able to support the medical care of these animals.  Having the right equipment available saves the stress and risk of further injury of transporting wild animals to veterinary clinics and practices and can assist to keep them in their sanctuary location. 

Every year millions of dollars of medical and veterinary equipment is replaced in hospitals, vet surgeries and facilities that are functioning and still useful but have been superseded.

Our mission is to connect wildlife carers and sanctuaries with companies that have this type of equipment so precious and useful equipment ends up in the hands of those that can use it rather than landfill. 

If you can assist or have a need please get in touch.